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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Architecture

I’ll start with the barn because there’s a story behind it…

Tobacco Flat. Raleigh, NC

I love photography for a number of reasons, but one of my favorite
things about it, is that it often opens up a conversation.

When I saw this barn, I just had to stop and take a photo. As soon as I started clicking, an old man on a tractor began shouting at me from across the road. I couldn’t hear him over the motor which he hadn’t shut off,but I was pretty sure he was screaming “Get off my land!” I scurried across the road with an apology on my tongue, but as I got closer, I realized he was saying “1892!” “What?” “It was built in 1892 by my wife’s family!” He never did shut that motor off, but he was anxious to tell  shout his tale. We chatted a bit in front of his pristine farmhouse that was also built in 1892, and then we said our goodbyes. As I drove away, I couldn’t seem to unstretch the mild-wide grin from my face. I thought about my own sweet/rugged Grandpa(best man I’ve ever known), about legacy and preserving history, but mostly I thought about seizing the moment. That’s photography right? Sure, my life would have gone on if I hadn’t stopped, but I did stop. I stopped, I listened, and I learned something.

On with the rest! As you’ll see, my head is often in the clouds. My walk to work takes 7 minutes if I’m not looking up, but I’m always looking up! La-di-da! The next three are of the Science museum where I work.

Progress? A sleek new condo towers above old school craftsmanship.I prefer the brick over cookie-cutter.

The last shot is the archway of the church in my “backyard”. They’re building an addition, and construction starts at 6 a.m. every day. I don’t love that, but I love that they’re upholding the tradition of stone masonry. 

Newer does not always mean better. Ya know? 😍

Thanks for another great Challenge , Cee!

3 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Architecture

  1. These are gorgeous! I’m glad you’re looking up but don’t trip over those cracks in the sidewalk! Also, the other day I found $25 on the sidewalk so it pays to look down every so often.

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