Dumpster Diver

I’ve really done it now. I’ve crossed over the threshold of thrifty to vagrant. I should be ashamed but I’m too pleased with my plunder to entertain shameful thoughts. I desperately needed boxes to ship some items that my mouth had already cashed a paycheck for. I visited my local “free box” haunts but none … Continue reading

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The Bing Bling Bar: Search and Get Free Stuff!

I’ve never been a proponent of highlighting freebies, discounts or coupons on my blog. Bloggers who do, do it right and do it consistently. That’s not my domain, but I’d feel remiss if I didn’t share my recent super deal with my readers. Back in the Summer I downloaded the Bing search engine on a … Continue reading


“Nice Pants”

Nice pants is the phrase that was muttered by the rooster of a flock of snickering boys. They were hunkered at an outside table that led in to the coffee shop that adjoined my local grocery store. All I wanted was a coffee, a roasted chicken, and maybe some wine. OKAY…definitely some wine. I wasn’t … Continue reading