Holiday Highlights!

Happy Holidays all! We weren’t with family this year, so it was just Derek, myself and Lucy the Dog. Still it was magical. Maybe it’s because it was the first year in our new home, or maybe it’s the bourbon in the spiked cider, but it was a great Christmas! 

Here are some highlights:

Lucy doesn’t quite fit in her new bed but she’s making it work.

Santa brought me the cowhide rug of my dreams! 

“Christmas Dinner” prep!

Beautiful cups handmade by our super talented friend

And Dinner is served!

Derek made me promise to include the Lego set he bought for “me”.

And our first fire pit fire!

I hope your Holiday was as stress free as ours. Now I really need to go eat some solid food! 🍻

10 thoughts on “Holiday Highlights!

  1. Ah, Knob Creek! Distilled about 20 minutes away from us. Good choice! Happy Holidays to y’all! Your first Christmas in your own place? You’ll remember this, vividly, 20 years from now. Fantastic memory. 😊

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