Sunday In The South: Photos

One Red Balloon Mom gives her daughter some news: “Here’s the good news Katie; we found your balloon”. “Here’s the bad news Katie; we found your balloon”. Photo taken in a Kroger grocery store parking lot, which is also apparently, the place where childhood dreams go to die. Shadows From The Blinds In My Bathroom … Continue reading


Hold Me Back!

All I wanted to do was cash my paycheck at the bank today. It’s such a simple task and usually it’s 99.9% Mean Girl free. Not today. It was around 17 degrees when I entered the bank. North Carolinians are not used to such frigid temperatures, so I was doing my best impression of Ralphie’s … Continue reading


Kim Does DIY!

I’ve launched a new WordPress site, and I’m really excited about it! The title of the blog page is Do It Herself…because the domain name was already taken. Oh well! This blog will have an emphasis on DIY tutorials, beauty and recipes. It’s something I’m passionate about but could never quite parlay in to … Continue reading


Smelly Cat

I am not a cat person. Cats absolutely terrify me. They just seem to know too much, and I can never relax in an environment where a clawed creature can pounce on me from above. I always know where my dog is (under my feet), and she confines her bowel movements to outside (unless she’s sick). Cats … Continue reading