Embarrassing Questions: Let’s Do This!
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Embarrassing Questions: Let’s Do This!

Late as ever to blog-posting, but I still wanted to play along/out myself! Thanks for the Questions Momma! 1.Boxer shorts or budgee smugglers? Let’s keep that snake in its cage until it’s time for release. Boxer briefs is the appropriate answer.  2. What color of underwear are you currently wearing? Give me a sec..Ooh, red…with black hearts. … Continue reading

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Last Minute Shopping Tips For Your Sanity

It is officially crunch time for last minute holiday shopping. If you’re smart like a lot of people, you’re already done. If you’ve waited till the the 11th hour (like me) you might be wiping away the stress-sweat from your brow,as you read this. Guess what? The mall is going to be crowded, but I … Continue reading


I Love

I love tomato season at the Farmer’s Market and the simple pleasure o f eating a tomato sandwich, adorned with nothing more than some mayo and salt and pepper. I love the first sip of  strong black coffee in the morning. I love the crinkling around an old man’s kind eyes. It makes me want … Continue reading