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I’m relatively new to her blog,but it’s great and she’s a lovely photographer. These are my submissions for The Girl That Dreams Awake’s photo challenge and I’m stoked about the topic…because it’s food…and I love food. Did I just say stoked? Dude, I totally just did and I think that’s rad! The only thing missing was hush … Continue reading

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Odd Little Things: Cee’s Oddball Foto Challenge

The theme for Cee’s Oddball Foto Challenge is no theme, which works for me, because I’m easily distracted. 😜          I must admit that I was initially annoyed when I took these photos, because our light box was acting up and not producing a “super-white” glow. Now, I’m in love with the Peach to Aqua … Continue reading

Silly Saturday!
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Silly Saturday!

   Just some fun videos for y’all! I never realized how many exclamation points I use until now! Oh well!!!!! πŸ€“πŸ™„πŸΆπŸ•πŸͺ Speaking of bad neighbors… This is a hilarious documentary style short:  “Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbors” And then there’s Sid the Beagle/ cutest dog ever! I hope everyone’s having a great weekend!!!!!!! Continue reading