The Trouble With Tattoos

I guess you could say I’m “heavily tattooed”. I really don’t know what that term means nowadays, because tattoos seem to be the “norm”. Most of my left arm is inked, and I do have an unfortunate “tramp stamp” that is more stampie than trampy. I’ll leave you guessing on that one. It’s been about … Continue reading


Bad Dog!

I recently wrote an article entitled “Man’s Best Friend, My Best Friend”. This blog was about an animal who seemed to be emotionally connected to every move I made. Long before Bandy’s arrival “Foxy Lady” had joined our tribe in 1986. Foxy Lady was a Sheltie and she was the worst of the worst. She … Continue reading


Funny Dog

Lucy Valentine smiles when she’s nervous and/or excited. We know this and take full (guilty) advantage of her little mutt quirk. Sometimes we’ll walk through the front door and say “Lucy, what’d you do” in stern voices just to evoke that precious grin. She’s never done anything. She’s a good girl and I honestly believe … Continue reading