Challenge Accepted

So, https://fattymccupcakes.wordpress.com nominated me for an award. I generally don’t participate in awards but I love a good challenge. If you have not checked out her blog, please do so now. She’s so funny and self-effacing. I have fallen head-over-heels in love with her dry wit. I declined the award but chose to participate in the Q&A. … Continue reading


The Trouble With Tattoos

I guess you could say I’m “heavily tattooed”. I really don’t know what that term means nowadays, because tattoos seem to be the “norm”. Most of my left arm is inked, and I do have an unfortunate “tramp stamp” that is more stampie than trampy. I’ll leave you guessing on that one. It’s been about … Continue reading


The Weirdo Next Door

I know I’m not alone in being a weirdo, and for that, I’m thankful. I won’t be found perusing the internet for dirty socks to purchase (and sniff…and other stuff). Nope. I’m just the average, run of the mill, weirdo next door. I’m usually, blissfully unaware of my oddness, but sometimes I catch myself doing … Continue reading


Smelly Cat

I am not a cat person. Cats absolutely terrify me. They just seem to know too much, and I can never relax in an environment where a clawed creature can pounce on me from above. I always know where my dog is (under my feet), and she confines her bowel movements to outside (unless she’s sick). Cats … Continue reading