Best Photos of 2015|Instagram

My adventures in amateur photography. Mostly shot on my outdated iPhone 4!                                                           I love photography. I view the world in frames, and snaps. *Click,click. It’s never not been that way for me. My 2015 In Pictures was marked with great experiences, and I’m excited to see … Continue reading


The Trouble With Tattoos

I guess you could say I’m “heavily tattooed”. I really don’t know what that term means nowadays, because tattoos seem to be the “norm”. Most of my left arm is inked, and I do have an unfortunate “tramp stamp” that is more stampie than trampy. I’ll leave you guessing on that one. It’s been about … Continue reading


Sunday In The South: Photos

One Red Balloon Mom gives her daughter some news: “Here’s the good news Katie; we found your balloon”. “Here’s the bad news Katie; we found your balloon”. Photo taken in a Kroger grocery store parking lot, which is also apparently, the place where childhood dreams go to die. Shadows From The Blinds In My Bathroom … Continue reading