How To Make a Wooden Sign & Bottle Opener

A fun DIY tutorial from my other blog (for real this time!)

Do It Herself

OK y’all! I have tried so many sign making methods in the past few weeks, but this is by far, the easiest one I’ve tried.

I tried the wax-paper transfer method, but the printer kept eating the paper.

I tried stencils, but even with a stencil,my sloppy handwriting found a way outside the lines, and it ended up looking like bad fridge art . Yep, your 6 your old probably has better handwriting than me.

Take Your Top Off! Get it? 😜

I was beyond frustrated, but one day, while at Target, inspiration struck!

The wooden block letters called to me, and I answered. Then I glued them sons o’ bitches to my sign and spray painted over them!

Before After

You don’t have to live in the South to appreciate these signs but I reckon it’d help if you did!

What you’ll need for the beer opener sign:


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