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Sunday In The South Photos:Rodeo

To continue my longstanding tradition of sometimes posting photos that were taken on a Sunday in The South…here goes! I’ll provide links to the series at the end of this post (just in case you want to catch up).

For now, let’s talk Rodeo!

In the little town of Benson, NC that is 40 minutes from Raleigh, but also in a galaxy far, far away, Mule Days is held. During the three day carnival and rodeo, the population swells from 3,000 to 53,000.

Derek is not the guy who typically says, “Hey, let’s take a road trip.” That honor usually falls on me, and there’s usually a “Kim, what the hell have you gotten us into this time?” question thrown into the mix.

This day would not be different.

“Proud to be a redneck piece of white trash”

Honestly, it was a little scary at first, and we did not receive a warm and fuzzy vibe from the locals on the midway. There were a lot of rebel flags waving with images of automatic weapons that read “Come and Take Them”. Snapping a photo of this guy’s shirt from a distance was as far as I wanted to push it. At one point, Derek whispered,”Now we know how Trump got his nomination.” Yep. 

On to the fun!


The Mule Days Youth Rodeo was so much fun!

I literally grew up with a rodeo in my front yard,when my family owned and operated the historic Cherry Springs Dancehall and Rodeo. I instantly felt right at home, but it was Derek’s first rodeo experience, and he loved it!

These calves were literally under our feet in the bleachers.

So,why is it called Mule Days?

Apparently there’s a Mule Pull, but we missed it.

Reason # 1,000,31 why I love Derek: He pulls off to the side of the road when I yell “stop!”

THE Mule Days Mules


As we  headed out of town, I spotted the Mule Days mules in their back pasture and quickly yelled “pull over!” Derek obliged but said, “what makes you think they’ll come and say hi?” I said, “because they love me.”  I’m pretty sure they just wanted carrots or apples, but they did rush over to greet us.

Don’t tell our dog Lucy, but Derek named this one Lucy 2.

Mini Mules!

So that was our Sunday in the South! 

Here are the links to some previous SITS posts:

*And YES, I believe in the right to bear arms (just in case you were offended by the Trump paragraph 😜).

8 thoughts on “Sunday In The South Photos:Rodeo

  1. Going to a rodeo is on my bucket list! 🙂
    My friend who died a few months ago lived in Bandera, TX and she invited me to go there and see a rodeo. I never had the chance to go, maybe one day!

    And that t-shirt! 😀

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