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Counting Happy Moments: A List

When my upstairs neighbors started their after party at 3 a.m. on Friday, I began to panic. I was staring down a 15 hour workday that was set to begin in just a few hours and I had already prayed to the Gods of sleep to just…let me. The neighbors were so loud that they woke us up…every hour…until 6:43 a.m. I begged and pleaded for them to quiet down, to the point that my hands were violently shaking the last time I crawled into bed. Calling the cops would have take up too much time, and I knew they’d just start up again as soon as the cruiser pulled away.

So, when does the happy list start, Kim?

Right now!

1. A beautiful bride was happy.

She didn’t need to know that I’d only slept two hours, hadn’t eaten, and had rushed from work to bartend her wedding without a break. She was glowing when she took me by the hand and said thank you. Thank You goes such a long way.

2. Food Truck Freebies!

Did I mention I hadn’t eaten? My hunger headache was raging when the bride’s Aunt offered me and the other Kim (bartender) tickets to the food truck. Even if it wasn’t free, I think a food truck wedding is such a cool idea. Those sliders and garlic fries saved my life!

3. Nice people are the shit!

I’ve worked hundreds of weddings, but I’ve never encountered nicer guests. Ya know when you see a person and you treat them like a human being? That should be the norm, but sometimes it’s not for service industry folks. Breath of fresh air.

4. The Bride’s Family didn’t have to help, but they did.

At the end of my 15 hour day, rental furniture had to be moved, kegs had to be loaded, and roughly 1,000 centerpieces had to be packed away. The bride’s family didn’t have to help, but they did. The Mother of the Bride sipped on her bottle of Maker’s Mark while exalting us caterers in her sweet, southern drawl. She and her husband carried the load with us.

5. And Free Champagne?

After paying us and profusely thanking us again, the family offered us each a bottle of free champagne. 

I tried to drink mine when I got home that night, but sleep prevailed and I think it’s gone flat now. 

Nevertheless, kindness ruled the day and for that, I’m thankful, and Happy!

I’ll deal with my rude neighbors later, but for now, jam with me!

Sam and Dave: I Thank You

9 thoughts on “Counting Happy Moments: A List

  1. This reminds me of these little snippet video Juliette Lewis posts sometimes. Actually, they mostly annoy me but there was one I related to where she said something like, ‘you feel like s*** and you had 3 hours of sleep but you still kick it out of the park.’ Good for you and yeah for there still being decent people in the world.

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