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Welcome Distractions/Funny Sh*t!

Well, I’ve just about reached my effing breaking point with the house hunt, so I just couldn’t do it this Holiday weekend. 

Here’s what we did instead:

1. Accidentally attended a Dog Show

This photo is garbage, but we befriended this dog, and he won! Coincidence? Maybe. But for the record: the owners of this dog were the only ones who didn’t recoil when we asked to pet him. I like to think that we rubbed a little good luck into his coat.

I love dogs but Derek can NOT walk past a dog without petting it, so there’s this running joke that’s best summed up in the next picture.

But, how did we accidentally attend a dog show?

We were at the flea market, which is at the fair grounds and there just happened to be a dog show. I don’t even know why we went to the flea market because we’re trying to downsize. Force of habit, I guess.

Anyway…most of the dog show bitches didn’t want their bitches’ perfectly coiffed coats to be compromised, so we were happy when the cool owner’s dog won.

Remember the movie Best in Show? It wasn’t far from the truth.

2. We watched this Mick Jagger/David Bowie video of “Dancing in the streets”. The music has been replaced by sound dubs and it’s hilarious!

3. Periods by College Humor

It’s a little gross, but it’s funny as hell and humanizing.

Back to the grind tomorrow. 

Hope you’ve all rested up!

10 thoughts on “Welcome Distractions/Funny Sh*t!

  1. I’ll have to remember to come back and watch this while I’m not sitting here watching tv with the fam. Best in Show was so funny! I’m telling my kids to put it in their Netflix queue now.

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