A Hit and Run Blogger Apologizes

It’s not that I think your content is uninteresting. I’m drawn in by so many of your headlines, and have them bookmarked, but I am utterly overwhelmed and stressed out.

It’s just that we have a very limited budget for buying a home, and a very short time to pull the trigger before we’re homeless.

Everything must go!

Most people factor in closing costs and taxes, but we’re not most people, so it’s liquidation city!

We’re selling our dishwasher, our washer and dryer, and even a half used bottle of perfume. Money’s money, and it all adds up.

That being said: I do apologize for being distant. If I “like” a post or comment without commenting, please know my mind is elsewhere.

Once the dust has settled, I will be back!

21 thoughts on “A Hit and Run Blogger Apologizes

  1. I am so sorry to hear that. Take your time and concentrate on life. We will be here whenever you are back! You are not forgotten but our thoughts are with you, Kim 💖

  2. The home buying process is stressful as hell. We’ve only done it twice, but I don’t ever want to do it again. Well, until we buy our place on Ocracoke. 😃
    Nonetheless, I wish y’all great luck and success in finding that first place. It’ll be worth all the headaches once you do. 😊

  3. Life happens, Kim! Best of luck with the sale (and purchase). Just a thought – for the stuff you can’t sell, there are plenty of donation places that will give you a tax deductible receipt for the items. See you soon!

    • Hahaha! I’m sure you’d be very helpful with that! It’s amazing how much useless crap one can acquire. I could never be a part of the tiny house movement because I’d need another tiny house just to store all my junk!

      • Oh I know what you mean. Apartment living ain’t easy for that reason alone. I need somewhere like a garage or basement for all the crap I don’t use but don’t want to throw out. Of course, they’d just probably end up sitting there for years on end.

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