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Is It Weird? Pet Taxidermy

Soooo, last night was pretty sleepless for me. In an attempt to be lulled to sleep by a boring documentary, I clicked on Martin Clune: A Man and his dogs on Netflix. Damnit! It was really interesting and I found myself fighting sleep to watch just a little bit more…

Did you know that despite the breed or pedigree, every dog still shares 99% of its DNA with Wolves? 

That’s right. Even Lucy.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my dog, but her basic instincts basically boil down to snuggling on the couch and *hoping that she gets fed twice by accident. She also loves ball. Ball is her favorite. When we adopted her, the SPCA had her listed as a Border Collie mix. Haha! I’ve had Border Collies and Lucy just isn’t (that smart).

On to Wolves and Dog taxidermy:

It was very interesting to learn that the Australian Dingo is the closest relative to the wolf on earth. The stuffed dog pictured is not a Dingo.

This is a Dingo!

The Natural History Museum at Tring in the UK boasts a collection of hundreds of taxidermied dogs, which is strange…but pretty cool in my opinion.

Dogs have been around for millions of years, but we only began messing with their genes a couple of thousand years ago. Need a hunting companion but don’t want to run too far to catch up? Let’s shorten their legs and keep their noses to the ground. Voila…Basset Hound!

Bulldogs are so cute, but did you know that they were once actually Bull dogs? According to the documentary, they were originally used to “bait” bulls just before slaughter. Their disproportionate heads were no accident,and their cute little underbite was purposefully bred in to lock down on a bull’s nose (its most sensitive area). The wrinkles around their muzzle was no happy accident either. They were bred in as a channel of blood-flow, thus avoiding bull-blood from entering a Bull Dog’s eye.

Where are you going with this Kim? Wouldn’t you like to know!? I would too, but I’m sleep deprived because my Wolf, Border Collie dumb mutt shit all over the floor at 5 a.m. 

Most dogs try to alert their owners when they need to go out. Lucy doesn’t make a peep…just a poop…that leaks through the area rug and into the hardwoods. The current tally is Lucy-3/Area rugs-0.

I really love that dog of mine but right now I want to stuff and mount her…ya know…for educational purposes!

10 thoughts on “Is It Weird? Pet Taxidermy

  1. Embalmed animals creep me out! When I see all those deers on the wall I feel so sad. Why those count as trophies? 🙂
    I’m sorry about Lucy pooping on the floor. It seems some dogs never learn :/

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