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I’m relatively new to her blog,but it’s great and she’s a lovely photographer. These are my submissions for The Girl That Dreams Awake’s photo challenge and I’m stoked about the topic…because it’s food…and I love food. Did I just say stoked? Dude, I totally just did and I think that’s rad!

Shrimp Basket at Gibby’s Dock and Dine. Carolina Beach, NC.

The only thing missing was hush puppies.

Same Bat Channel, Same Bat restaurant?

The first two photos were taken a year apart from each other. What can I say? I’m a creature of habit. There’s Ahi Tuna with a Wasabi cream just to mix things up a smidge.

I made this sammich last Summer!

Yum! Honey-Lime grilled chicken with Gouda cheese, caramelized onions and avocado.
That’s all for now y’all! Thanks again to Girl That Dreams Awake for this fun challenge.
And also…because this song from Oliver! The musical is now stuck in my head, here ya go!

Food, Glorious Food!

20 thoughts on “52WEEKS PHOTO CHALLENGE: FOOD (Glorious Food)

  1. Food with a view! great photos! Please don’t laugh at me but i’ve actually never watched Oliver Twist 🙊 I know I know I must! Thank you for joining in the challenge 🙂

  2. Great pictures again, Kim! But I got stuck with the musical. I love Oliver. I saw it first when I was a child and the story moved me a lot back then. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Just the post I needed on my no carb days. My mouth is watering, and I wonder how I can make carrots taste like that fried shrimp basket.

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