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Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge:Workin it!

These photos for Cee’s Oddball Challenge were either taken at work or on my way to work…at a science museum. 

The photo quality is not my best work, so I’m not even going to use the photography tag for these, but I hope you’ll enjoy the subjects. I love working at a science museum because scientists are some of the oddest people out there. They’re as cool as they are nerdy, and they’re super passionate about their jobs.

*Fun fact: There are at least 23 species of Cicadas in North Carolina alone, but they all speak different languages. This sentence took me seconds to type, but when I asked the resident entomologist (bug guy) about it, he went into a 30 minute monologue. 

Old Guys Rule!

Living the good life…on permanent vacation. I took this photo on my two-block walk to work, but I felt like a creeper and hoped that the shutter sound of my camera phone was muted. It was after the fact,that I noticed this cool retiree was carrying a bank bag. Awkward!I can’t imagine these next two photos being captured anywhere else besides a science museum.

Staff fridge.

I guess Helen got fed up with “animal specimens” being placed beside her Lean Cuisines.

Prehistoric Bird’s Eye View

Speaking of birds; what’s up with the window dots? I have no idea if I used the semicolon correctly, but the window stickers are to keep birds from flying into the glass.

Pretty cool, huh? Y’all just got Scienced!


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