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Living It Up At The KOA

Derek is a tough guy, but he’s not a “camping guy”.  As a Chef, he gets burned on a daily basis, and gets cut, clear through to the bone. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve had to super-glue his wounds together. Yep. Super-glue. He takes it all in stride, but he HATES camping.

I grew up camping. I’ve spent nights listening to wolves howling, and remember a time when my eldest sister was eaten alive by yellow-jacket stings. My Dad used a fiery stick to cauterize each wound. Through the wind and the rain, the Bear and the Wolf tracks,we bonded as a family while camping.

Never the twain shall meet:

1st Camping Trip:

We were on “Bear Island”, and I misinterpreted the Island’s offerings. I had clearly read that each campsite had a grill, but I was completely wrong. I also thought that the ferry was a “car” ferry. Derek and I ended up ditching most of our supplies in the car that we thought we’d be able to take over on the ferry with us. Once on the island, it was a mile hike through soft sand to our fire-less campsite (because of nesting Sea Turtles), and we were there alone, besides one other couple. We got the tent pitched just before the rain set-in, and then we were trapped in our sweltering sauna/tent for the next 11 or so hours. We ate cold hot dogs and drank warm tequila while praying that the wind and rain wouldn’t carry our shelter away. There was nothing to do but wait, because the next ferry wouldn’t arrive until 8 a.m the next day. Derek vowed to never go camping again, but somehow I managed to twist his arm a few years later…

Not our tent, but you get the gist. There are no trees on this Island.

Photo credit:
2nd Camping Trip:

We went camping on a nearby lake:

It was disgusting! I’m used to dealing with spiders and mosquitoes, but Cockroaches do me in. During the night, Lucy the Dog/Asshole, ripped through the tent in search of a critter. We woke up to spiders and roaches all over us. Not cool! At least we had been able to get a fire started, and roast some wieners, but again, Derek vowed to never camp again.

3d Camping Trip:

You might be thinking, “Kim, you’re a glutton for punishment”, and “Why do you love to torture Derek?” I hear ya, but I was wicked smart/lucky this time. For Derek’s Birthday, I really wanted to treat him to a beach trip, but it’s the high season, and the choice came down to our lean budget. $150 per night is about the going rate for very standard motel rooms, and we honestly couldn’t afford to do two nights at that rate + gas and food. I came super close to renting a house boat for $160 for one night, but then I remembered seeing signs for a KOA campground. It was easy to remember because it’s off of exit 420, man! The houseboat would’ve been great, but we needed actual time away.

For $103 per night, we got the cutest little cabin with a comfy bed, wifi, and cable tv, and the pet fee for our beloved little asshole was only $5 per night. I chose a cabin that did not have a built-in restroom, but the walk to the clean bathroom and showers took about 30 seconds. There was a pool, a dog park, and a store that had everything you might need, as well as a laundry mat and a library of games, books,and magazines.

At night, (when we weren’t watching the survival show Naked and Afraid) we chilled on the porch swing, and hung out by our very own fire pit.

It was the best of both worlds, and the affordability allowed us to Island hop for three days. I can honestly say that Derek likes camping now.

*And we’re off to the beach again tomorrow,so I’ll be playing catch up on Monday. Gotta soak up the sun while we can!

8 thoughts on “Living It Up At The KOA

  1. Your first two camping trips perfectly represent why I also hate camping! But glamping in a nice cabin? I can totally get behind that. Your pics are awesome, and it looked like a great little getaway. 😊

      • What you did is a variation of Glamping! A nice cabin, clean bathrooms. That’s important. The last time I went real camping, like in a tent, I was in college, ate a few pot brownies and then paid a group of boys scouts with beer to row me across a lake so I could use the public bathrooms. Half way across the lake this kid looked at me and said, “you can swim, right?” 😳 I was not a good role model for those boys.

      • That’s beyond hilarious! I don’t even know where to start with this. Yes I do. How old were the boy scouts? Did they get a badge for that activity? Did you get a badge for that activity? You should have. Just sayin!

      • LOL! They were 12-15 years old. No badges were awarded, but their scout leader thought they stole the beer from us and made them come apologize the next morning. 😬 I couldn’t say I gave it to them, so yeah, I told you I was a bad influence!!!!

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