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I love Cee’s photo Challenges because they truly challenge me. At first glance, I thought I had nothing to offer in the way of signs, but I did some digging through my archives, and realized that a Store Front Sign comes in many shapes and sizes.

Here are my submissions:

Cannabilism at its finest? Pop’s Diner, Carolina Beach,NC

I’ll never understand Cannibal food mascots. Why is this Hot Dog Man licking his lips while applying ketchup to his own head? He sure seems to think a lot of himself. 😉 Go eat yourself, creepy hot dog guy!

Everything AND the kitchen sink.

This “junk store” is on the way to the beach (Raleigh,NC to Wilmington,NC), but Derek rarely gets suckered into stopping because he knows me too well. And yes, they have an entire section of kitchen sinks.

Am I being loose with the term store front? Maybe, but this place is technically advertising a service, 

Perhaps it’s the sudden chill in the air, or the goosebumps on my arms, but something (or someone) is telling me this place is no longer open for business. The broken toilet out front is also a pretty clear indication. 👻

Marina at Carolina Beach,NC

Fish gotta swim, and pro-fishermen gotta advertise. I’m entirely uncomfortable with the amount of sharks caught,but at least they’re little. Ya  know…like all of the Sharks in the ocean. Yep. They’re all little, and I’m not completely terrified of sharks. 



  1. Cannabilism at its finest? He he he. Cool collection. I like the run down one too, Very rustic and a powerful reminder of what big corporate giants can do to small stores.

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