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What’s The This One?

I admit it…I’m stupefied by people’s stupidity, and I’m dumbfounded by their…well, you get it. I’m not gonna alliterate you to death, but sometimes I’m so tempted to say “use your words” to perfect  strangers.

Case study #1

An almost grown man pointed to the dessert case and asked, “What’s the this one?” He was pointing to a chocolate cupcake that was clearly a chocolate cupcake, (while texting) and I honestly didn’t know how to answer. So I waited. A beat. Then came the question again. “What’s the this one?” “The chocolate cupcake?”, I asked, because my mind was blown. “Yes”, he said. “Give me two.” Not,  May I have?, but gimme. So, I rang him up, while he continued to text. He didn’t hear me when I told him the amount, so I waited for his payment. He didn’t see me when I extended his card back to him, so I waited for him to look up from his fucking phone.  I waited, while many if he were my kid scenarios engulfed my imagination. If he were my kid, I’d take that fucking phone away, until he learned how to act like an actual human.

At least these situations bring some comic relief to an otherwise mundane day. My co-worker and I did have some fun after I filled him in on what he’d missed. I picked up a water bottle and asked, “What’s this?”, while he picked up a napkin and asked, “What’s this?” So on and so on…

Case study #2

A woman ordered a milk and was given (surprise!) a milk. Then she shook it (the carton, not her booty). “Is this s’posed to be froze?”, she asked. I had no clue what the hell she was talking about, so again, I waited. Again…the question. “Is this s’posed to be froze?” Aaarrrggghh! “Speak, Lassie!” “Is Timmy trapped in the well?” Maybe I’m the one who’s thick in the head, but I finally realized what she was asking. “Are you saying the milk is frozen?” It wasn’t , but I replaced it with another one that was also not frozen…or froze, if you like.

A cute case study!

Aside from the haute-cotoure hot dogs, and glamorous grilled cheese, we also sell ice cream. One of the ice creams we sell is called a Choco Taco. It’s basically a Nutty Buddy, shaped like a taco. Why? I don’t know, but it’s an ice-cream stuffed waffle cone, covered in chocolate and peanuts.

A father was recently in with his young son, and it was pretty obvious that the dad wanted to wrap his mitts around the frozen  froze treat.

Dad asks, “Do you want to split a Choco Taco?” Kid politely responds, “No thanks, I don’t like tacos.” 

Too cute! Moments like that somehow wash the stupid and ingracious off…for a bit.

This is a Nutty Buddy

This is also a Nutty Buddy

That’s what I get for googling Nutty Buddy!

And this is a Choco Taco

And yes, I had Google anxiety when I searched for this image. Go ahead, let your (dirty) mind wander!

27 thoughts on “What’s The This One?

  1. That so funny, Rob went straight for the taco. I was shaking my head at the texting and grammar. He’s such a guy!

  2. How you work with the public, I don’t know. I give you MAJOR props for what you do. If I had to engage with the dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks people there are in this world, I would go plain crazy. 😱😖😱😖😱

    • Thanks girl! That’s why I need a platform like this to vent a little every now and then. You might appreciate this bit from today. We got crushed because a school group of 160 came in…without registering. I’m just thinking, ok, you managed to coordinate a field trip, get permission slips signed, and somehow wrangled 160 teenagers onto buses, yet nobody thought to call the museum? Aaaarrrghh!

  3. Hahahahaha… studying people is the best (and gets you all fired up at the same time). I get lots of inspiration for what to make sure my children will never say or do from this kind of field study… Hey, I’d really like to try one of those Choco Tacos! They look so good!!!

  4. I used to have a bad habit of correcting people’s grammar in front of them. I honestly thought I was helping them. I guess not so much. LOL! I like your way better. 😉

    • Oh man..two of my co-workers say “I seen it” instead of “I saw it”. It makes my eye twitch when I hear it. I’ve clung to this job because I was burnt out from being an Event Planner, and the hours are flexible, which work well for my side endeavors. It hasn’t been great for my brain cells, though. I’m back in full on job-hunt mode now.

      • That would make me crazy! I supervised a woman once who embraced her illiteracy. She wore it like a badge of honor. I look back now and know she was just insecure and that’s how she dealt with it. I was a young manager at the time and didn’t know better. I got her a dictionary for Christmas. I know, I’m such an asshole. 😦 Good luck with the job hunt! And I’m totally binge-reading your blog right now. 😉

      • Binge away! I’ve been super-lazy with my blog, so I hope you enjoy the photo challenges. Summer just calls to me, so I’m at the pool/beach, and blogging takes a backseat. I don’t think you were an asshole for giving her a dictionary. It’s trite, but knowledge is power…

      • I love your photos! I’ve clearly been neglectful as well. Trying to be better, but I find I’m either strapped for time or can’t write about what I really want to write about for various reasons. It’s frustrating.

      • It’s funny because I’m so inherently competitive. That’s just me, and I can’t help it. I still get super frustrated by new bloggers who have thousands of followers, but I know I can’t manage that blogging level. For now, I’ll stick with my in and out blogging routine,and I’ll be thankful when I only get a handful of likes.

      • I seem to be content with that as well. 🙂 I’d rather have a few good relationships like this than try to manage the horde.

  5. “Is this s’posed to be froze?”, :/ I had to read and re read this offending phrase until the ‘penny dropped’ so to speak!

    I enjoyed your Post 🙂

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