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Free Money From Big Brother

What a day for checking my inbox! If you know me, you’ll know that I’m always on the hunt for a deal. Hell, I even check the parking meters for spare change on my walk back from work. I have four chances of winning, so the odds are usually in my favor. I grew up being mortified of my mother, when she picked up pennies from the ground, and now, I’m her. That happens, and I now fully embrace my cheapness  thriftiness. 

Today, I’m rich! Apparently, I was part of three class-action lawsuits, that I was not aware of.

I don’t know…I bought some concert tickets, and some books, and I was apparently defrauded. Don’t ask questions! Just accept the freebies!

So now, my Summer is set! I have a $26 Amazon credit in my account, can use my Barnes &Noble credit for must read Summer books, and I have a voucher for two free concert tickets via TicketMaster. 

Free feels good. Cheers to Summer!

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