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Beach Bums: CFFC Events

For us, going to the beach is an event. So this is my entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Events .

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It was only a day trip to our favorite spot of Ft. Fisher,NC. Just a day trip, but we came back invigorated and burnt (yes, we used sunscreen). Derek and I don’t always agree, but we agree that we’re better versions of ourselves when we’re at the beach. It’s a four hour round-trip, and we always manage to crack each other up on the journey. Sometimes we forget that we find each other to be so f***ing funny! You had to be there, but my love can impersonate just about anyone. On the way down, he tried to teach me how to do a Scottish accent by repeating “Scrooge MaaaacDuck.” I tried really hard, but I ended up sounding like Forest Gump with a box of chocolates in his mouth, every time! Like I said, you had to be there.

A must stop!

Eat boiled peanuts at your own risk! They’re an NC “delicacy”, but they’re as slippery as Oysters, and are truly an acquired taste.


Bring your own Bedbugs! I can’t believe this place is still in business, but I still look for it every time we enter Carolina Beach.

Home again!First glimpse from the parking lot.

Our refuge.

Take note of the rocks in the last two photos. In order to get to our beach, one must traverse these rocks. I’ve had a few bloody shins in the process,but it’s worth it for a slice of solitude.

Shrimp basket at Gibby’s

Every journey needs a proper send off. A stop at this marina restaurant is how I say goodbye every time. The shrimp is fresh, the beer is quenching, and the “howdy’s” from boaters are plentiful.

Saying goodbye is hard!

Mimosa tree on the channel

We had just crossed over Snow’s Cut Bridge, when I begged Derek to pull over…

I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye, so we stopped at a lovely little park on our way out of town. There, we took in the sights of the swaying Spanish Moss and bluff side Mimosa tree.

I’m 99.9% sure that we saw a drug deal go down. Honestly, I had an ABC After School Special moment! The kid who was probably  definitely buying drugs couldn’t have been older than 18, and I felt the Mama Bear in me rise up.  I had a speech prepared, and I desperately wanted to intervene, but common sense Derek put his foot down! Something about not getting involved in a drug deal that might involve guns, and so on…

Instead, we found a swing set and swang! I’d almost forgotten what it feels like to have butterflies in my stomach. Feeling like a kid again was the perfect end to a perfect day trip, and the view wasn’t too shabby either.

A happy beach song by Zac Brown Band w/Jimmy Buffet

And a song about “swingin'” from my youth

Thanks for reading, and I hope this Summer brings all of y’all a slice of paradise!

15 thoughts on “Beach Bums: CFFC Events

  1. Sounds like a fun day! Well, I’m back from NYC and, you may think our trip was nothing like yours but, yes, we did go on the beach in Coney Island AND we saw plenty of drug deals go down so…

    • Thanks, Rob! I honestly don’t know how they’re made. I only tried them once, and that was enough for me! We just bought some peaches at that stand.

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