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Sexy 3 Day Weekend: Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge

What’s sexier than getting your car washed? I dunno. Most things? Our three day weekend was actually a 2 day weekend, so…like a regular weekend, but we got shit done. Actually, we just went to a movie and got some sushi, but we meant to get shit done. Does that count? Our laundry hamper says no, but we did manage to squeeze in a $17 “Lava” car wash. Oh, yeah!

I know what you’re thinking: “This is getting too sultry, Kim.” I know. I know this is probably the sexiest post you’ll ever read, but as a blogger, I just have to share “my truth”. So, unbutton the top button of your work shirt (but only the top one, lest things get obscene) and prepare for some sexy car wash photos!

Moral of the story? Derek and I need a vacation!

BUT, I am pretty happy with the results of my car wash photos. All shot on my new Samsung Galaxy Prime Core phone.

Sexy, right?  Cheers to another great challenge, Cee!

23 thoughts on “Sexy 3 Day Weekend: Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge

  1. I actually didn’t even know they still had those old school car washes where you drive through since I found an $8 one right by my house. This morning I went back for a $1 vacuum. But enough about me, great pics and s very clever idea.

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