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I’m hoping to be able to stump you all with this challenge, and I’m also feeling nostalgic because my very first post was titled “What Do You Think This Photo Is”? Sadly, I could not find the original, but I’m gonna count this post as a milestone. Thank you, to all of you who’ve stuck by me in these past three years. I usually don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, but I truly appreciate every like and comment I’ve ever received. Y’all are the milk in my cereal, the butter on my toast, the shrimp on my grits.Whaaa? Y’all don’t know about Shrimp and Grits??? Well, bless your hearts!

On to the challenge…




Leave your guesses in the comments section!



  1. Ok, ya’ got me stumped here. But not on shrimp n’ grits. I’m quite familiar with that. Here’s my guesses:
    1. Painted wool spools
    2. geode
    3. Paper shade
    4. Spindles

  2. Great job on the spools! They’re vintage spools that I got from the Durham scrap exchange. I use them as candlesticks.
    2. Yes, a Geode. An amethyst geode.
    3. Is a shade, but it’s from the 60’s and is made of resin.
    4. Is a shot of our vintage radiator. We don’t pay for heat, but sometimes it kicks on when it’s 80 degrees out!

  3. Oh gosh, I’m stumped…stumped and cheating. The only thing I would have got was the geode…and I would have called it crystal…duh! I don’t know about shrimp and grits but I know about kiss my grits!!

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