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Raindrops on Roses: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

These are a few of my favorite things…

Here are my contributions to Cee’s fun foto challenge Single Flowers or buds 

The rules: This week’s topic is a single flower or bud. The concept for this challenge is to show off a single flower in all it’s glory. It can be cropped a tiny bit but no macros of only part of a flower. 

Í generally know what ‘macro’ means, but just to be sure I was playing by the rules, I did a Google search. Lo and behold,Cee’s photography came up at the top of the list. Go, Cee!

This photo was shot in the garden of a church that I walk past everyday in Raleigh,NC. I cropped out a rosebud to make it a “single flower shot” and amped up the color a smidge. The city bus in the background was just a happy accident, and I love the juxtaposition.And, this was shot with my iPhone 4.

Okra flower

This Southern girl will take her Okra any way she can get it. Pickled,stewed or fried, but mostly, fried! Who knew something so delicious came from something so pretty? Shot on my iPhone 4.


Magnolia Blossom

Speaking of Southern…The Magnolia is just about as Southern as y’all can get 😚! Right now, the Raleigh air is so heavily perfumed with their delicately sweet/ citrusey aroma, that I can’t help but smile every time I walk out the door. 

If I could, I’d send all y’all a smellagram.

Until next time, Happy clicking!


17 thoughts on “Raindrops on Roses: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

    • It was a lesson for me too, Cee. Raleigh has invited some farmers to plant “urban gardens” in the past few years, and Okra is one that just happened to be planted outside of the science museum where I work.

  1. Well, you certainly did justice to these beauties! Well done and you get even more point for identifying the flowers. Don’t laugh…I can barely name one, and I worked with flowers before!

    • Thanks, Marissa! I had no idea that was an Okra flower until I showed the photo to my farmer friend. A rose is a rose, but there’s probably still some confederate penalty on the books for not being able to identify a Magnolia. I do declare.😍

      • Guilty as charged then. There’s another blogger I follow who does a lot of pics of flowers and every time I try to identify one, I am always wrong…and I mean always!

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