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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pets

Lucy goes swimming with her pink life jacket!

Little does she know, lakewater does not count as a bath.

Derek didn’t even want a dog, but now these two are inseparable. Our little rescue dog loves me in her own way, but Derek is her “person” and Lucy Valentine is his dog. It truly was a kismet moment when we met her at the SPCA. We’d been searching for months, but all it took was a second to know that she belonged with us. Knowing was the easy part, but we really had to fight to get her.But that’s a story for another day.

Lucy came to live with us on Valentine’s Day of 2011, and she’s been entertaining us ever since. Dynamite comes in small packages!

Dog as pillow

I realize this photo isn’t the best quality, but this is their relationship. Lucy doesn’t mind being used as a pillow as long as she gets to snuggle with her best friend.

Lucy using her blanky as a pacifier. The audio is crap, and my voice is SO annoying, but the gist is us marveling at the fact that Lucy carries her blanket from room and sucks on it. We call it her “bitty” because we were obsessed with the UK show Little Britain at that time. Her blanky cost $1 and she’s still nursing it after all these years.

Video Pt.2


This is my contribution for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Thanks for another great challenge, Cee!

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