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The Zoo, A Moo & A Ghost Town View


Polar Bear Backstroke

When you are consumed by wanderlust, but can’t travel travel, a day trip can be like a band aid for the soul-sick. The NC Zoo is just about as far into the middle of nowhere as you can get, and I loved every second of the 3+ hour round trip. 

I’m always astounded by how quickly the landscape can change once the city skyline is in your rear view. Within 45 minutes, the terrain was channeling the lush, rolling hills of Virginia, as a blanket of yellow wildflowers spread itself across miles of bucolic pastures. All I could do was smile, and we weren’t even there yet!

A Moo:


The Zoo:

Despite my asking very politely, none of the wild things would sit still and pose for me. What a bunch of animals! Serves me right for only bringing my iPhone because I didn’t want to lug my DSLR around.

What’s odder than Otter feet?


Polar Bear plays w/ food. I’m just glad it wasn’t me.


My favorite shot.


I hate to see you go, but I love watching you swim away.


I couldn’t record it but one of the Bears kept diving in, swimming up to the glass and then pushing itself off of it. It made the coolest movie sound effect ever, which sounded a lot like this Boom .

Ghost Town:

On the way back, the GPS said “F’ you” and rerouted us around our asses, when all we were trying to do was get to our elbows  home. I was perturbed until we stumbled upon the Ghost Town of Coleridge.


The Factory


The General Store


View from the factory. The middle building used to be the bank


Coleridge (NC) was the home of the Enterprise Manufacturing Company, the southern most cotton mill built on Deep River. Its construction in 1882 was the final link in the chain of Randolph County’s water-powered textile industries that had begun to be forged in 1836. For more of its history, go Here .

The only historic photo of the general store I could find.

Image credit: RandolphHistory.wordpress

The irony of being pissed at my GPS while taking in the ruins of a former horse and buggy town is not lost on me. It’s eerie but it’s grounding, and I’m happy we got a little lost on our day trip. 

3 Questions for you:

What is your favorite day trip destination and why?

What is your favorite animal and why?

If you could travel back in time, which century/era would you visit and why?


18 thoughts on “The Zoo, A Moo & A Ghost Town View

  1. Don’t think I’ve ever been to a real live ghost town (or maybe that would be a real dead ghost town). I was almost going to go to the zoo last Sunday but I couldn’t be up that early the day after our gig. Thanks for the friend request by the way!

  2. Great pics! Love the polar bears! Your questions? I’ll give it a go.
    My favorite place near us for a day trip is Mammoth Cave National Park. The caves are immense and immensely interesting. And when it’s 95 in July, the cool of the caves is a most welcome respite. Great camping and paddling in the park as well.
    My favorite animal I’d the domesticated canine. The black Labredor Retriever in particular. Why? Because they’re friggin’ awesome!
    And, if could travel back in time? That’s a tough one. I’m kinda fascinated by the Ancients, the Greeks, Romans, philosophers, art. I suppose I would choose ancient Greece. But if I could pick any days to travel back to? It’d be the day I met my wife, or the two days of my kids’ birth. 😃

    • Yay! You’re the best for playing along. Nothing makes me happier (in blogging).
      I have been to Mammoth Cave once, and it was spectacular. Just surreal.
      My little Lab mix is my fave as well, but if I had to pick a non-canine breed, it would be the Elephant. They love deeply, mourn for lost loved ones, and are truly majestic.
      I’ve had a crush on Rhett Butler since I was 7, so I’ve always fantasized about being a “nicer version of Scarlett”. Not an actual place in time, but I like to think I could make Rhett “Give a damn”.

    • Thanks! Ya know what? If I’d been on my own I would have gone into the buildings, even though it looked as if squatters had taken up residence. Derek is less adventurous/more practical than me, and he was already panicked about how close to the road I was standing. It really was a dangerously sharp curve, and the buildings were literally caving in. I was just happy that he pulled over when I shouted “stop, I want to take a picture!”

  3. I love your polar bears! Those pics are awesome. Also, I love abandoned buildings and ruins. I love imagining what they used to look like and what happened to the people who used to live/work in them. It freaks me out and fascinates me at the same time. Part of me would love to explore old ruined buildings, but I’m also practical enough to realize it could be a death trap. Have you ever seen the movie House of Wax? I rest my case. Now onto your questions…
    1. Favorite day trip right now would be to go whale watching. Being out on the ocean is invigorating.
    2. My favorite animal is the lion because they are super badass, and I’m in love with most things that are super badass.
    3. This question is hard…I would love to time travel back to 16th century Scotland, as I’m a little bit fascinated with Celtic history. However, I’m not in love with bad hygiene and rampant disease, so I probably wouldn’t do it if I had the opportunity. 😉

  4. Beautiful pictures, Kim!
    You asked really difficult questions. I’m not sure which one is my favorite day trip destination. I think it depends where I am. Right now, just being able to sit in my backyard when the weather allows it, makes my day 🙂
    My favorite animal is the wolf. I love their eyes.
    And I’d love to live in the time where women wore those corsets and big dresses. 😀

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