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Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: Landscapes

Challenge is right! Y’all, I don’t know nothin bout composition, I just know what interests my eye. Because I overthink everything, I googled photo composition. The results were algebra! Literally, algebra. I’m not the best at math, so I hope you’ll enjoy these photos, sans algebraic formulas. Thanks, Cee for a very challenging Challenge .

My Little Hobit Hole. Ft. Fisher, NC.

These photos are dynamic to me because of where I live. North Carolina has many beaches but most are devoid of trees and rocks. I snapped these photos with the ocean at my back, and there’s something Tolkien (to me) about the landscape. Split into 1/3? From the bottom photo, shift your eye from the rocks, to the sea grass and then up to the hill. Man, I’m so good at math!


Sea Turtle Rides Dragon:Wins Kentucky Derby!

You might have to use your imagination for this one, but for me it’s as clear as day. Do you see what I see? Clearly there’s a Sea Turtle, riding a dragon who’s jumping over a fence. Duh.


Lucky Shot.

Sometimes you get lucky and the sun shoots down a beam that perfectly slices your photo into thirds.Thanks, Sunbeam! 



13 thoughts on “Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: Landscapes

  1. First, your entry is perfect for this week’s challenge. Love it.
    The stuff that is out on the web for composition and photography can be quite complicated. I’m trying to break things down into small enough chunks and try to keep it simple and in everyday language. That is why you will see almost the same topic from time to time. People understand things so differently.

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