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My (1st) entry for the The Daily Post photo challenge. The theme is Abstract. I hope y’all enjoy these as much as my weird eye does! 

Rain through the passenger’s window. It was coming down so hard that I begged Derek to pull over. When he obliged, I saw this.

Overexposed algae at Ft. Fisher,NC


“Blinded” by The Light. Get it?

Yeah Kim, they get it, and if you have to explain the joke, it wasn’t funny in the first place!


Cool Weather Pattern Thingy at the NC Science Museum.

Caption approved by Science. Go Science!


Dissecting a light fixture.

My eye is perpetually pulled upwards. Maybe I’m an optimist? Perhaps I just bump into a lot of stuff? The answer is yes to both!


Same Sparkler. Different shots.

With the exception of the “Sparkler”, all of these photos were shot with my iPhone 4. Yes, 4! Sparkler images captured with my Nikon D60.



    • Thank you so much, Marissa. I sincerely appreciate that. I admire you and other bloggers who are able to stick to a schedule and post quality pieces on a regular basis. I know you’re far busier than I am, but your focus trumps mine. I’m so scattered,but I’m excited about participating in these prompts.

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