Greetings From the DORK Side!


I did it! I attended Comic Con and I survived. It was touch and go there for a minute before we entered,as we passed a group of pre-teen Cosplay girls who were belting out the theme? of their beloved cartoon? I was nervously laughing and looked at Derek and said, “I don’t think I can do this”.  Alas, (Alas? Oh God, they’ve gotten to me!) we went in. Anything to get away from the shouting preacher who was literally on a soap box. More about him later…

Taken from the top of the escalator that led to dork city!

There was so much to take in that it was a little overwhelming. At first, I tried to take some incognito shots but I felt like a sleazy paparazzo.


I didn’t drink the Kool-aid or anything, but somewhere along the way, I realized I was having a great time. I still have no idea who most of these characters are but I do now have a weird Google search history that includes: “Cupcake girl with fangs Cosplay” and “Homewrecked girl with horns”. I’m shy when it comes to certain things, and asking a stranger if I can take their photo is on the top of that list, but I found myself emboldened and that was pretty cool.


I know this picture is blurry but all that pink shows dedication!


This girl was so sweet, and seemed really flattered that I wanted to take her photo.

Weird Google search #1-Homewrecked girl w/horns. That’s who she said she was but I still have no clue.


No clue who your characters are but thanks for posing!

My best guess is that she’s a Transformer…a  robot in disguise! She’s super adorable whatever she is.

Star Wars? Wait…I know these characters! Maybe I’m not as cool as I think I am.




Enter Batman. He could barely walk in his costume but I have to give him some cred for his commitment. A $5000 dollar prize was on the line for best costume.



Weird Google search #2 “Cupcake girl with fangs. Results- no clue.


A Jurassic Park jeep and a dog dressed up like an Ewok???

You know what? I can sometimes be a cynical ass. I’ll probably never understand the lure of devoting time and money into transforming one’s self into a fictional character, but who am I to judge? There are far worse things a person can do with their time.

Which brings me back to the angry preacher who was protesting the event. This guy was so full of rage (righteous indignation?) that a little bit of his rage-spittle probably landed on me. 

What are you so angry about street preacher? No LGBT events scheduled? I felt so bad for the kids that had to walk past his screaming. I don’t know if Harry Potter  is even a part of Comic Con, but I wanted to cloak these kids with invisibility to protect them.

  Moral of the story? My cynicism was eroded by the passion of a subset I’ll most likely never identify with. So live and let live..and live long and prosper.

Also,suck it angry street preacher!



15 thoughts on “Greetings From the DORK Side!

  1. I’m glad you had fun. My kids are half geek ( they get it from their father, I swear). They told me the cupcake girl is Chica from Five Nights At Freddy’s which is a horror game set in s no brand Chuck E Cheese type place. Chica is an automation on the game. The girl with the yellow wheels at her knees and the masked guy she’s with are from Big Hero Six. My kids are dictating all this as I’m writing, no, I swear!’

  2. OMG, you were so brave, Kim! I admire you! But I can imagine once you were there that you can surrender to it… which actually is the only way to survive and to eventually enjoy! Thanks for sharing this all!

    • Thanks for joining me on my little adventure, Erika! Sometimes we just need to “get over ourselves” and find the fun in uncomfortable or new situations. I’m glad I went. Now if I can just get Derek to go dancing with me…

    • Yeah, all of the kids there were having a blast. Most of them are probably the last to get picked for team sports and are probably outsiders at their schools, so it was sweet to see them just being themselves in a place where they’re accepted. Marissa’s kids filled me in on some of the characters, so read her comment if you want to know who Cupcake Girl is!

  3. I agree with you, it must be nice to be that dedicated/passionate about something. Especially when you’re willing to wear a costume with your a** hanging out. The only thing I love with that much intensity, aside from my family, is chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

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