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The Jig is up/We have to move

Maybe karma is biting me in the ass for all of the neighbor complaints I’ve cited on my blog, but the truth is, I’ve had it pretty good.

You know those “rent controlled” lofts you’ve seen in the movies and on t.v.? The artist is struggling in NYC yet,somehow, has a cool loft space with Eames chairs?

That’s kind of been our situation for a decade. Sure,city rats come and say hi on the porch on occasion, and sure, the building is falling apart,brick by brick, but we have so much space! Location,location,location! We both walk to work.

Nobody wanted to live where we live a decade ago, but revitalization has happened and now we’re in the ‘hot spot’.

My building is up for sale. We’ve been paying $700 a month for a 1,200 square foot apartment w/hardwoods and beautiful french doors. Water is included. Heat is included.

Anything comparable is going to be twice as much. I know home ownership is a dream for so many, but it scares me. Everyone says renting is throwing away money,  but I like the convenience of any issues being resolved free of charge. 

I’m gonna miss my home.




22 thoughts on “The Jig is up/We have to move

    • It’s not a stupid question but everything is still up in the air. Honestly, the place needs a lot of work and hasn’t been properly maintained by the current owners, so whoever buys it might just want it for the lot. Everywhere we look there’s a new high rise going up, so we’re thinking it might just get torn down.

  1. As Marissa said, it sucks! The pictures show a place created with love. But perhaps there is something outside even better and you would have never found it without leaving this place! Huge hugs!!!

    • Yes, Erika and I’m trying to look on the bright side. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a place with a yard for the dog and our own garden. That would be so wonderful! Hugs back at ya!

      • I am glad you look at it that way. I believe that the best is always yet to come and if something comes to an end then only because something better is waiting. At least, I got never disappointed with that perspective! Happy Easter to you 💖

  2. Wow! $700 a month for 1200 sq feet? That’s awesome! I’m so disappointed for you having to move. I’m so jealous though. I’ve always wanted a cool loft in the city. I own a house. It’s a pita. Always something needing to be fixed or yard work to do. On the one hand it will be worth more when I sell it than when I bought it, so it was a good investment, but on the other hand, like you said, you’re freed from a lot of responsibilities when you rent and you can just walk away when you want.

    • Exactly, Phil. Our friends are paying twice as much for half the space. We’d looked into home ownership years ago, but the mortgage never outweighed the benefits of where we were/are. I do dream about having my own yard and garden,so I’m optimistic about that. We’re just gonna have to make it work.

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