Political Vomit

My two cents:

If the candidate you’re planning to vote for is lambasting others on Twitter, it might be time to reconsider your vote.

Is it too old fashioned of me to want my presedential candidate to write with quill and ink? At the very least I’d like to imagine him/her at a typewriter. That’s presedential!

Name calling on Twitter is for teens…or the Kardashians. I’d be down with a pres.who calls tweeting ‘twittering’. The ruler of the ‘free world’ shouldn’t be distracted by hashtags.

This presedential campaign has me embarrassed to be an American.

Come on America!


17 thoughts on “Political Vomit

  1. That is a fantastic statement! I am watching the campaigns from afar but sometimes I cannot believe how deep some candidates drifted. A president should still be someone to look up to!

  2. It’s a sad image 🙂

    (And I missed your birthday, Kim!! Happy belated birthday to you! I know it’s in March and that you are Pisces too so I’m freaking late and I’m sorry!) 🙂

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