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Last Night I Had A Crazy Dream

As soon as our plane touched earth in Hawaii, Derek and I were ushered towards an adventure package we hadn’t signed up for.

We climbed a treacherous path of spinach-green craggy hills that overlooked a cerulean blue lagoon. Fossils were imbedded in the rocks that jutted out on our left, and as we passed each one, they inflated like bicycle tires and sprang to life as tiny dinosaurs. These tiny dinosaurs had gills on their heads like fish, which fanned in and out like an accordion.


We reached the top of the mountain and were greeted by a merry couple with heavy Scottish accents. They informed us that we were to zip-line further down the mountain. Derek and I exchanged furtive glances that were quickly replaced with a wink and a nod. The Highland couple strapped us in to harnesses and sent us sailing. We zipped over the algae-colored trees, towards the aquamarine ocean, and past a monkey who was waving hi.


A surfer dude caught us at the end of the zip-line. The bone-white beach was within our toes’ grasp but our adventure package called for one last mission. We would now be required to hang-glide over visible sharks in the water,in the hopes of landing on an Island just past the predators. In unison, Derek and I said “we’re  done here”, but Surfer dude assured us that the risk would be well worth the reward, and that what waited on the other side would be “magical”


We were airborn now, but gliding so low that we could hear the hungry beasts snapping their jaws, and could feel their breath as they furiously breached. 


At last, we arrived on the island and found a four-wheeler waiting with its keys in the ignition. I wrapped my arms around Derek’s waist as we ascended one last hill. What we found at the top was “magical”. It was a Glamp (glamour-camp)! 


Derek lit a camp-fire as I plucked both welcome mints from the plush pillows of our king-sized bed, and explored our luxurious tent. 

A billion shimmering points of light were piercing the squid-ink black sky, and just as I was about to eat the s’more I’d roasted, I woke up.

*Discussion Prompts:

Do you have your own crazy/memorable dream to share? 

Do you think dreams have significant meanings?

Have you ever been “Glamping”?

Do you keep a dream journal?

Do you wish you were as imaginative while you’re awake as you are while dreaming? I do!

Do you think the author should have been allowed to enjoy her s’more before she woke up!???

9 thoughts on “Last Night I Had A Crazy Dream

  1. Yes, you should have been allowed to eat that s’more. Where else could you eat sweets and not gain weight. Oh, wait unless you are one of those people that sleep eat. It is sorta like sleepwalking but you eat. 😉

  2. For some reason I stopped remembering my dreams about 4 years ago so every time I remember my dream I look up the meaning online (there are several sites). You have no idea how accurate some dreams can be!
    I’m sorry about your s’more… It reminded me the time I dreamed with Johnny Depp and the fu#$ing alarm clock went off.
    There is nothing worse than waking up just when the good part of the dream is coming 😀

    • Derek usually doesn’t remember his dreams either and that makes me a little sad for him. I do believe that dreams have significance, I just wish that the interpretations were scientifically proven. I’d give up a million s’mores dreams for a good Johnny Depp one!

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