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Hilarious Book Titles/Covers!

If we never judged a book by its cover, how would we know what to read? This question has been frothing in my brain for a few days now, so I did an image search and never imagined how funny the results could be.

I’m about to take y’all on a awkwardly hilarious journey, so strap in (or in some cases, strap on), and enjoy the ride!


To each his own, but I’m pretty sure this guy is working with wood (no pun intended). Splinters in your hoo-hoo anyone? No takers? Didn’t think so.


 I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! Except I kind of am if said ghost is trying to diddle me while I sleep. Get out of here, horny ghost! I’m trying to sleep!


Get in line, Lions! I know for a fact that you’re not going to cook me breakfast the morning after, so you can just wait your turn.


Way to go ,Eleanor! 25 years of stripping, and going strong!


There’s nothing ok about this. Just nothing. I’m most offended by how eager the frog looks.

Just weird. Weird, weird, weird.


If you’re ‘crafting with cat hair’, you need an intervention, and perhaps a date. There is a world outside, cat-hair-crafter. Please join it.


What in the hell are these cats ‘painting’ with? I don’t think I want to know.


Who did poop in the park? If we’re talking about the parks in my neighborhood, it’s most likely bum-poop. That’s just a fact, and I don’t think they give out merit badges for discovering those ‘scats’. 


My commentary can’t make this funnier. Jesus is doing “The Carlton”


Nobody should dance in sandals. Adding a saw and a mallet is just asking for trouble.

11 thoughts on “Hilarious Book Titles/Covers!

  1. The caption “Featuring a host of miracle moves” is THE BEST. This is hysterical. Thanks for taking the time and posting these with running commentary.

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