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Winter Storm 2016: In Photos


So far, the power has not gone out, but as you can tell from the photo, everything is covered in ice. 

After two consecutive naps in between a Project Runway marathon, I put about 47 layers on myself, and bundled Lucy the dog up in her sweater with the pink hearts. The stinging, freezing rain was pounding my face as Lucy excitedly pulled on her leash, and nose dove into the frozen ground. The ice-heavy branches were creaking and snapping off left and right, so of course Lucy wanted to get right under them. Dogs aren’t so good at science. They hide from warm baths but dive headlong into frozen tundra. Umm…ok, dogs!

While tugging my obstinate little dog back, I did manage to capture a few photos with my iPhone.

The ice is like a woman. She’s beautiful, but she’s dangerous, and will snap with no warning!


view from my porch


More ice is expected, and that should give way to actual snow tomorrow.

As long as the power stays on, I’ll continue to enjoy my Broccoli Cheese soup w/ crusty bread, and watch more Project Runway…or as the host, Heidi Klum pronounces it, “Pwoject Wunway”.

If you’ve been hit by this storm, I hope you’re warm, and you’re able to indulge in catching up on your favorite shows. That’s the beauty of a snow ice day.

I hope to post some day time photos tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Winter Storm 2016: In Photos

  1. It was windy and 65 degrees here today, and as I was walking to my son’s school I thought about how cold it was. Then I laughed at myself for being a not-even-close-to-cold-weather-candy-ass. You would never know that I was originally from Michigan. 🙂

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