A Blizzard’s Coming|He Had One Job

No soup for us!

A storm’s a coming, and Derek was in charge of picking up ‘essentials’ while I was at work. This storm is predicted to be ‘crippling’, and the forecasters, and the Governor are preparing us for major power outages due to ice. If I’m MIA, you’ll know why.

So Derek went to the store (aka his arch nemesis).  Most guys hate clothes shopping, but this guy hates all shopping. 

He got my wine (brownie points), he got water, milk and t.p., but he forgot about the food. You know the stuff? It’s the stuff we eat that nourishes our bodies. It’s the stuff that keeps us from going all ‘Lord of the Flies’ on each other. Yep, that’s the stuff he forgot. He also forgot toothpaste, and our tube’s about one scissor cut away from being empty.

He has a plan though, because he’s a man (insert grunts). If the power does go out, he’s gonna rustle us up some food, and grill it! 

Umm, okay, manly man. We live in downtown, and our ‘weapons’ are your childhood b.b. gun or my pepper spray. Our wildlife consists of squirrels, and I’m not eating a squirrel. I’m already terrified of squirrels, so it’d be just my luck to be haunted by one that I’ve grilled and consumed. Those beady eyes.

Also, this is our grill…

Impressive right?

We have cereal,milk,and wine, so we should be good, but I swear, Derek is already looking tasty. 

Best of luck to all who live on the East Coast. Try not to eat each other!

18 thoughts on “A Blizzard’s Coming|He Had One Job

  1. Sounds like my man! Hahah. I’m on the east coast of VA and we also are planning to grill if we loose power lol. But we do have other food. We are only suppose to get 2-6 inches of snow. Sounds like you will have it way worse. Good luck!

  2. LOL! Maybe he was thinking he would just order a pizza? 😉 Even though we don’t get snow here, I have a zombie stash just in case a catastrophic earthquake hits the area. But cereal and wine? That’s a solid meal.

  3. Hahahahaha 🙂
    It was very cold here and I was talking to a (male) friend. He asked me if I had enough food for some days in case that the power run out or there was too much snow and we couldn’t go out. I said that I didn’t have enough but I had some. And he wanted to know how I would cook it… I said: “I have a grill (like yours) and that I could use the chairs to make the fire”. But that got me thinking, maybe I should ALWAYS have extra cans and rice or dry beans just in case something happens (and toilet paper, the idea of lacking toilet paper keeps me awake).

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