Best Photos of 2015|Instagram

My adventures in amateur photography. Mostly shot on my outdated iPhone 4! 

Sky rockets in flight.


Slice of heaven.


Asteroids attack!


Sunllit bookworm.


Compass in pastel.


Adapting in an urban dwelling.


Scorpions in Amber. Flea Market find.


Cat w/ Canary. Historic carousel.


Sea Turtle riding a Dragon. Obviously!


Best of Summer. Sweet Corn.



Light and shadow.


My tattoo.


Spring Sunset



This horse I named Vladimir…


My favorite spot in NC.


Yep, like the commercials. Add a shrimp basket, and i’m all set.


Autumn in NC.

A view from work. NC Science Museum.

Yet another view from work. I guess I just like looking up!

And I made this sandwich!

I love photography. I view the world in frames, and snaps. *Click,click. It’s never not been that way for me.

My 2015 In Pictures was marked with great experiences, and I’m excited to see what my lens will spy in 2016!

First shots of 2016:


Calico Skies.

Look up, look down, just look around. Beauty surrounds us.   

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