Christmas Confessions from a Control Freak

I’m crazy but it’s part of my charm!

Do It Herself

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care. Hold on, let me get my level because it seems like stocking #2 is a little bit askew.

I love Christmas so much that sometimes I am in danger of loving it to death. You know how children love puppies? They love them so much that you might have to remind them , “Don’t squeeze the puppy too hard”. Yeah, Christmas is my puppy.

I’m basically this guy…

I’m the girl, who gave her guy a list that was very specific.

Just so we’re clear, I actually typed this list out, and then took (poor) Derek on a guided tour of the mall shops, where he could procure these items. YES, I typed my list, which makes me sound like a complete nutcase, but look at that handwriting! I’ve always been embarrassed by it. Besides, what guy would be able to…

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8 thoughts on “Christmas Confessions from a Control Freak

  1. lol! Christmas only comes once a year, so why not strive for perfection? But hat with a fuzzy ball on top? I would love to go shopping for that. 😀 Merry Christmas, Kim!

  2. OK that’s hilarious! I’m glad you told your man what a statement necklace means. I can see my boyfriend buying me a necklace that made an actual statement, like one that said, “Flirt”, or some other ridiculous saying. I’ve also hinted to my boyfriend about the awesome stocking stuffers by the register at Ulta. No such luck, he goes in to get a gift card and, likely, doesn’t look left or right, just does what he came in for and gets the hell out! Men!

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