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A little feminist (but I’m so dainty) πŸ˜

I just watched the funniest video on buzzfeed, which featured grown women asking “Hello Barbie” some very pointed, feminist questions. “Hello Barbie” is Mattel’s answer to Suri, and her responses to the women’s questions are hilarious.

Michael Scott of “The Office” was once asked if he was superstitious. His response was priceless, and has become my favorite tv quote of all time.

How do I feel about feminism? Women should absolutely get paid the same wage as a man for doing the same job. How is this even still an issue in 2015? I belong to a sisterhood of highly intelligent, strong women, who can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

Here’s where things get old school:

Doors: Can I open a door for myself? I can, and I will, but I just love it when a man makes the gesture of “holding the door open for a lady”. 

Firemen: What woman doesn’t want to be rescued by a hunky fireman? The image of me clumsily heaving a man from a burning building will never be as sexy as its opposite. Sure, I’ve gained weight, so the job might require two firemen. Even better..

Dinner dates: Men should pay for dinner. Men outnumber those of the female persuasion, which means they have greater odds of finding the “perfect mate”. Women above 30 are often the equivalent of the “last kid” picked for a team sport, so the expense of one meal should be non-negotiable. 

It’s too high/ Too heavy: I work in catering, which means I lift heavy shit on a daily basis. That sushi platter looks good doesn’t it? I bet it does, and I’m the girl who just heaved the granite slab that your sushi’s displayed on. If/ when a man offers to lift something like this for me, I say yes, and my back thanks me.

Maybe I’m “too girlie” for the modern world, or maybe I’m just 5’3″. Perhaps evolution hasn’t caught up to modern feminism. 

I’m a not a super-feminist but I’m a feminist. I’ve been the bread-winner, and I’ve been the bread-taker. 

My partner is a foot taller than me, and I love to rest my head in the nook of his armpit. He secures all of the locks at night, and sleeps closest to the front door (just in case intruders invade). 

Until women have all evolved into Amazonian creatures, there’s still some merit to men “protecting”us. 

For me, that’s super sexy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

19 thoughts on “A little feminist (but I’m so dainty) πŸ˜

  1. This is awesome! My graduate teacher always said ” why get rid of masculinity?” Which is far too true. I would never get rid of masculinity.

    • I don’t think anyone says we must get rid of masculinity, but all men should not be expected to act masculine just because they are men just as all women should not be expected to act feminine. people should be allowed to be themselves and their sex shouldn’t determine what they are expected to do.

      • Actually, that’s not what I’m saying at all. You should act the way you were raised/taught out of respect, that’s all :). My uncle who respects allowing women was yelled at once for simply standing up as a gesture because one woman was getting up to go to the bathroom. She thought he was being sexist when in reality he was just being polite because that’s how his mom raised him. And he never regrets it at all, no matter who reacts a certain way. Personally I find that sweet.

      • I think it’s shitty someone yelled at your uncle for trying to be kind to someone. If a man wants to pay/give up his seat/ open a door, cool all I am saying it shouldnt be expected. no one should be expected to act a certain way because of their sex.

      • Absolutely agree. I think that’s all my professor meant. She just would never want to see masculinity go out the window just like she wouldn’t want to see feminism never existing.

  2. I;m always skeptical of the man who insists on paying. What other gender roles does he conform to? A year on when we are living together is he going to tell me that cleaning the bathroom is a woman’s thing? I am all about giving a huge middle finger to gender roles, everyone just be yourself and don’t let your sex dictate what you do!
    If someone stronger or taller than me wants to help me with something of course I’ll say thank you, but I’ll help out someone shorter (this doesnt happen often!!) or less strong than me carry shit too, though obviously men are generally stronger,
    I thank anyone that opens a door for me, but really,I am more than ok to do it myself.

  3. Funny video! Hey, men and women will never be the same. Women are rarely as physically strong as men and their demeanors command respect, like opening doors. They also are the fairer sex so why not get girly and wear pretty things? It’s because we like to wear them, not so men will be attracted to us. That doesn’t make us any less capable of doing most jobs (excluding some physical labor ones) just as well or better than men and it certainly doesn’t justify us getting paid any less.

  4. You can be a feminist but you still like a man acting like a gentleman… Because we are princesses, Kim, like it or not, we need our Prince Charming in our lives πŸ™‚
    Now I’m curious, how’s Barbie middle name? πŸ˜€

    • I don’t know about Prince Charming, but I think gentlemen are harder to come by in this day and age, so I always appreciate that virtue in a man. I value good manners in general!

      • Those little things make the difference πŸ™‚
        It shows they care. And that’s really important! As you said, in this day, gentlemen are harder to come by!

  5. Hey, Kim, before I finished responding to you at my place, I ran over here to your place to check out which name you go by (might not have been Kim–one can never be sure). Found this, which I really liked. You pretty much articulated my view, and I like how you said it.

    I’m also glad I have now seen that impressive Barbie. Wouldn’t have wanted to die without experiencing yet another creative way Mattel provides young girls the important dual goals of having their future female bodies both airbrushed and airheaded.

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