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Christmas Trees Around The World


Raleigh, NC

The lovely Colleen, over at created a fun little roundup, which she calls “Christmas Trees Around The World”.

If you’d like to participate, just create a post with the title of Christmas Trees Around The World, upload a pic of your tree, and ping back to her post. Link is above. Make sure to note where you live. Colleen will post the collection on 12/22.

About my tree:

It’s fun, it’s festive, and it screams Christmas! Many prefer dainty, white twinkle-lights that whisper a touch of refinement (most likely in a British accent). I truly do admire a subtly decorated Christmas tree, but it’s just not me. My tree says, “Hey ya’ll, let’s get this party started!” I love colored lights. Are they elegant? Probably not, but they’re just so cheery. Growing up, my family’s Christmas motto was, “If you can still see the branches, there aren’t enough ornaments on the tree!” My tree is real. No knocks on fake trees, but I just love the ceremony of picking one out, and nothing smells better than a Christmas tree!

What’s on my tree?

Starting in 2007, Derek and I have each picked out one ornament per year. Ya know, posterity and such. We make sure to write our name/ year on each ornament.

These are a few of my favorite things…


2008 Owl


Here’s his bum


“Flower Child Lion”


Hell yeah, that’s a pink hippo on glitter skis!

That’s Derek’s. Just saying!


Raccoon w/ scarf.

Silly raccoon , you’re a raccoon , so you don’t need a scarf. I
admire your sense of fashion, and you make my season bright! 

That’s my short and sweet Christmas tree post. I hope you’ll all join in, because, well…I’m nosy! Seriously though, it’s been really fun getting glimpses of other’s traditions.


22 thoughts on “Christmas Trees Around The World

  1. Awh, that’s beautiful! We always have real trees. The decoration is a mix from our year in the States over European adds, and many ornaments the kids made over the years!

  2. I love your tree, Kim! You have some really cool ornaments. It fits you and your personality. Now, let me join you on Facebook so that I can Bitstrip you! LOL!!! Thanks so much for joining in on my Christmas Trees Around the World. You are so awesome! ❤ ❤

  3. My kids are her looking over my shoulder. My daughter says “those are the weirdest Christmas ornaments ever!!” My son says your flower child lion looks like Jack Skellington with weird colors and an afro. I think they’re adorable. Great job on your unconventional tree!

  4. I love that Hippo! I collect ornaments from different themes each year, and I also agree with your ornament policy. You can never have too many ornaments! Love your tree!

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