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Christmas Shopping For Teenagers πŸ˜­πŸ€‘πŸ™ƒ


If you think you’ve stumbled upon a handy-dandy gift guide for teenagers, you’re in the wrong place!

I’m currently, trying to shop for my niece and nephews who were discourteous enough to go and grow up on me. Those little jerks! I’m pretty sure we had an agreement that stated they were never allowed to grow up. I’ve consulted my lawyers but in the meantime, I have to find gifts for these teenage buggers.

 My niece is 13, and the “boys” are 17 and 19. 

When they were little, I killed it with the gift-giving. A fluffy pink tutu and bedazzled pink hi-tops for the girl? Yes, nailed it! Rugrats skateboards for the boys? Coolest Aunt ever!

The girl has grown out of being a “girly-girl”, and the boys are all like “Dude, I’m a man, check out my muscles.” Seriously though, the boys are ripped, and the eldest is training to apply to be a Navy Seal. Give me back my babies!

My niece is all about “Jack” from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Last month, she’d had a bad day, so I sent her this bracelet as a pick-me-up. 


She loved it, so I thought Christmas shopping for her would be a breeze if I just continued the theme. Sounds logical right? Not exactly because teenagers are just so dang teenager-y.  

How cool are these Nightmare Before Christmas shoes that I found at Hot Topic? I sent the image to my sister, asking if my niece would wear them/what her shoe size is, and also asked, “What the hell should I get the boys?”

Here’s her response:

“Kim,about to head to softball practice. She probably wouldn’t wear the shoes. Can I have her look at hot topic and see. That way you don’t waste your money. The boys..I have no idea. Maybe have them send you a shirt they like. It’s so hard with you..I’ll let u know what she likes.”

Where’s the fun in that? I wanted to be able to surprise them all with gifts that say, “Aunt Kimmy really gets me.” And “Aunt Kimmy is so much cooler than our mom’s friend who calls herself our ‘Aunt’ but who wasn’t there when we were born, and who never even changed our diapers.”

 Wait, where was I? Oh yes, I was talking about my entirely selfless desire to give “perfect” gifts for around $50 per kid. 

The “moral of the story” is not evading me, dear readers. Yes, teenagers are hard to shop for, but I’m also besieged by Holiday guilt because I won’t be home for Christmas, and the 1,400 mile distance always feels farther (and further) during this time of year.

This year, I’ll serve as a long distance ATM, as my niece and nephews select their own gifts, and I’ll be happy to know they’re happy.

They just shouldn’t be surprised if they find ‘bonus gifts’ of sparkly tu-tus and Rugrats skateboards…and maybe some pacifiers and ‘bwankies’!

12 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping For Teenagers πŸ˜­πŸ€‘πŸ™ƒ

  1. My son is into music and video games so it’s not too hard to find the right gift for him, but anything we might by him is expensive!!! Luckily my daughter is still in the sparkly tutu stage!!

      • Yeah, like for my son it’s one major purchase these days. For his birthday he got a bass. The Christmas before, a guitar. We already got him a Marshall stack amplifier for Christmas this year and there’s no hiding it from him in the apartment. We got great deals on all of them but they were all a few hundred dollars. For my daughter we go to Target and spend $100, $150 on toys and that’s it.

      • The cost for your son’s gifts really doesn’t seem high when you consider where he’s at in life. You’re just furthering the investment in his passion, and quite possibly, his future career. You guys really are the coolest parents ever!

      • It’s true. The music things really are an investment. I remember when I was playing I always felt like I was just waiting for a day when I could play top of the line equipment. With him, I feel like we’re kind of collecting it slowly. It’s still hard on the wallet though.

  2. Sorry Kim!!
    Teenagers are so hard to please!! They keep changing what they want every day! I’m getting a gift card for my son to buy video games online… He asked for one a few days ago and I said Santa was giving him one πŸ™‚

  3. My daughter is eleven, and she’s in that in-between stage of still liking young girl things and also liking more teenager-y stuff, and she’s conflicted over what she supposed to like versus what she does like. She thinks she should be too mature for some things, but definitely not ready for others. Ugh! Her Christmas list has three tangible items on it, and I’ve got three sets of grandparents breathing down my neck for ideas and I have none! The kid needs nothing. Sad, first world problems. 😦

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