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Freaky Friday



So,these things happened today…

Freaky Friday story #1:

I was on the last leg of my 11 hour work-day,when my co-worker answered a call from her confused husband, who was driving to pick her up. He was lost, and I was running on fumes from the only thing I’d eaten all day ( a half cup of soup). My co-worker does not know the area, and was struggling with navigating her “man” to our location. I live two blocks away, and her husband was on speakerphone, so when I heard him name the street he was on, I simply said,(like a normal human) “he just needs to keep going straight and then make a left on “E” street.” Simple, right? Apparently not, because his response was “Uh-uh, I don’t need another Bitch giving me directions. Tell that Bitch to go on.” What? Wtf? I fell silent as my very pregnant co-worker’s face went red. Of course, there were a million indignant responses that raced through my mind, but I said nothing. I don’t know what her situation is, but I know she’s got her 4th bun in the oven. I figured that,if a guy would say that to a complete female stranger, there’s no telling what he says/does to her, when they’re alone. I can only speculate, but I didn’t want my taking my wrath out on him, to lead to him taking his wrath out on her. 

Then I got home. 

Freaky Friday story # 2:

Home at last! The dog’s been fed, I’ve been fed; time to relax. Screech!Boom! Shatter! “What now?” I peeked  through the blinds to see yet another car accident. On my corner, this is old news. The drivers seemed to be sorting it out, so I went about my business, but then, I heard panicked shouting. I assumed they were shouting at each other about who was right/wrong, but I feared the situation could escalate, so I stared a bit longer. Oh, shit! That’s my neighbor’s car! These guys weren’t arguing about who had hit whom. They were together and their car was deeply implanted into my neighbor’s parked car. They were trying to get their car to go in reverse and leave the scene of the crime! That’s when I called 911. By the time the police came, the guys were long gone, and they’d abandoned their wrecked ride. Who does that? I assumed the car was stolen but the officers confirmed that it wasn’t. They were probably just drunk, and this kind of thing “happens all of the time.” Dummies! They have your license plate info.

I’m so tired, and I have another 12 hour day ahead of me tomorrow. 

I am fully aware that things could be worse, but I’m still hoping for a drama-Free day where no cops are involved.

14 thoughts on “Freaky Friday

  1. I’m so sad for your coworker and her babies. A very tough situation for sure. I agree that had you stepped in, he would likely have taken his wrath out on her. Hopefully karma serves him up a big dose of “EFF YOU”!

    • Thanks, P. I slept in today,after getting home at 1 a.m., and going to bed at 3:00 a.m. Derek brought me coffee at noon, and I fell back asleep until 12:30. I haven’t slept that late in years. I accomplished nothing today, and my house is so dirty! Tomorrow, we’ll buy our Christmas tree, catch up on laundry, and then, hopefully, just chill until we’re back to work on Tuesday.

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