My DIY Crate Coffee Table!

Do It Herself

I made a freaking coffee table for under $100 and y’all can too!

Here’s the deal: I needed a realcoffee table like yesterday. My man and I are on opposite schedules, so we rarely get to eat dinner together. Because we have no need for a dinner table, our ottoman has been our make-shift coffee / dinner table for years now. It’s where we get our Netflix on and cozy up with our pup while eating our Sunday supper. A serving tray on an ottoman was just not working anymore, so I went to craigslist in search of a coffee table. My search yielded an overpriced snooze-fest until I stumbled upon one I liked. The ad offered “custom table design” for $175 but I instantly thought, “I bet I can do that myself”. A quick search on Pinterest confirmed my DIY notion. And it was on!

This was my…

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2 thoughts on “My DIY Crate Coffee Table!

    • Hey Rob! The first photo was my design inspiration but a photo of the one I actually made is at the bottom of my post. I haven’t added the middle part to mine yet but apparently, it’s just a piece of plywood. That’s going to be my project for tomorrow *hopefully.

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