Thrift Store Finds: $300 Profit in 2 Hours

Extra holiday income.

Do It Herself

Nobody believes me when I tell them I make money from thrift store shopping. That’s okay! That just means I’ll have one less person to elbow away from my plunder.

If you turn your nose up at used clothing and shoes, you’re missing out. One man’s junk is absolutely another man’s treasure when selling on eBay/Etsy/Amazon. I sell on eBay.

I was making the rounds of my favorite thrift store and coming up empty-handed, when I spotted a puffer coat that had yet to make its way to the sales floor. It was in the stock room, and I knew that it hadn’t been priced yet, but I had to ask about it.Somethingmade me ask about it. The sales clerk seemed mildly annoyed but he retrieved the coat for my inspection. Cha-Ching! I was elated when I saw the BCBG tag but I put forth my best poker…

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5 thoughts on “Thrift Store Finds: $300 Profit in 2 Hours

  1. I love thrift shops!!! I’ve also wanted to try selling my findings on eBay. It’s always an inspiration to meet someone who can do awesome on eBay with their thift finds!
    On another note I’ve not forgotten about you!! I just happened to stumble across something else that I want to add to your True Love pkg. Xx

    • Have I mentioned that you’re the sweetest? 😊
      You should definitely try selling some of your finds on eBay. I bet you’d be great at it, and you have a unique eye, so that could come in handy. I hope you’re having a great weekend!

      • Nope you haven’t *blushing.. 😳
        I have a storage room stuffed full of stuffs I’ve collected over the year’s as I just cannot pass on a fantastic antique piece of furniture to luxe brand vintage clothing. That doesn’t include all of the unusual stuff I’ve decorated my place with. OMG!! Maybe I’m a total thrift shop hoarder!!.. *lol* 😨

  2. My mother-in-law and most of my wife’s side of the family having always made a living out of thrift stores and garage sale shopping. I wish I knew more about it myself but I let them enjoy making money and finding treasures!

    • It’s really a lot of fun. I’m sure your wife and her side feel like it’s kind of built in to their D.N.A. I know I do, as I come from a long line of buyers and sellers. The clothes aren’t the fun part for me, but it’s really neat when I find an antique that was just tossed out with the trash. Thanks for stopping by!

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