Ipsy Glam Bag Review: 10/2015 (BOO!)

Do It Herself

Unfortunately, the boo in the title refers to the boo-hiss-Get off of the stage! variety, as opposed to the jovial, Halloween BOO!

My October 2015 Ipsy glam bag was scary. Scary boring. October is the one month that Ipsy could have gotten a little adventurous, and filled its subscribers bags with tricks and treats. They didn’t, and my bag is now listed for sale on eBay. Boo-hoo.😿

I’ll start with the most lack-luster items first:

1. BWC® fragrance-free lotion. I do stand by BWC products in general, but fragrance-free is kind of a snooze-fest. I did a swatch test of the lotion, and it does feel creamy, but I can get unscented lotion anywhere.

2. Coastal Scents pencil eye-liner in black. It’s black. It’s an eye pencil. It’s worth less than $3. I would have really loved opening a midnight-black, felt-tip eyeliner that would help achieve the perfect “cat-eye”…

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