Which rainy day outfit would you rock??

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Which rainy day outfit would you rock?
Hello, Lovelies!
If you happen to live anywhere along the Eastern Seabord, chances are you’re as soggy and chilled to the bone as I am. Luckily, Hurricane Joaquin didn’t make landfall, but he did manage to intimidate the Sun into not shining on us cold, damp East Coasters’.
It has been raining for 10 consecutive days or 40 years (whichever one sounds most biblically epic).
I’m soaked, so I’m going shopping for rain gear, and I’d love to hear which one of these outfits speaks most to your sense of style? I’ll go ahead and tell you that I’m a 1 all the way. Those boots are already in my cart (just waiting for a sale) and that Coffee, Books & Rain hoodie just “gets me”.
So, which look would you pick?
  1. Book Lover
  2. Dots & Stripe
  3. Sleek & Chic
Thanks for playing, my little duckies. Stay warm & dry!☔️😘

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11 thoughts on “Which rainy day outfit would you rock??

  1. I can’ t decide between Dots and stripes or Sleek and chic. So I guess I could pretend get them both on days I am feeling playful wear dots. Sleek and Chic for those serious days like going to the office. Oh, wait I am retired, I can wear them when ever the mood strikes me. 😀

  2. Definitely #1 all the way!!😍 Book’s rock! Period. Happy weekend wishes & hope you’ve dried out a little by now. 🙂 xx

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