Sunday In The South: Photos


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on my Sunday in the South series. I blame the triple digit summer, and sticky thighs for that. Today, the sweltering heat finally broke. The high was 75 degrees, and the breeze carried the crisp promise of mulled cider and bonfires to-come.

Day off/Sunday fun day! I knew exactly where I wanted to go, but Derek grimaced at the idea. He said he didn’t want to drive that far. It was a 15 minute drive, people! I bartered. I offered to buy our lunch. Dudes love lunch, so off we were!

Our destination was not exotic but it was magical…just a lakeside community park that can be found in Anywhere, USA .

For the first picture, I literally stalked a kid who was flying her kite. I was not dressed appropriately for the unexpected high winds that were trying to “Marilyn Monroe” my sundress, so I “snapped and tucked”.


I just love how this ray of sun sliced through the clouds. *F* you clouds, I’m the *MF* Sun!


No filter/natural bokeh.

Bokeh: the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens.

This photo (all photos) shot with my iPhone 4.

I find the imperfection perfect, and I loved how every stranger readily smiled at a passing stranger today. Autumn just seems to bring out the “nice” in people.

Break out the hoodies, and say goodbye to Summer!

15 thoughts on “Sunday In The South: Photos

  1. “snapped and tucked”. Classic. Great photos. When people ask me what I miss most about home, I tell them “I miss autumn the most”.

  2. Beautiful!
    (And glad to know I’m not alone in calling “Sunday FunDay” cause I get weird looks when I say it lol!) Happy weekend wishes!! ❤

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