Jackpot! Piss time!

Is what I just heard a guy say before the sound of the all too familiar rush of water (beer? Hennessy?) reverberated off of the pavement. As I write this, I am sitting on my enclosed back porch and I’m pretty sure the jackpot-make-shift-urinal was actually the stairwell of my downstairs neighbor’s apartment. I entertained snapping back the curtain that overlooks the prized pissing hole and catching the guy pee-handed, but as they say “the whiz is already on the stairs”. What’s that? Nobody says that? Nobody in the history of saying things, has ever said that? Fine. Maybe I’m just tired and didn’t want to see a strange man’s weiner. A girl has to pick her downtown-living battles!

Not the actual guy. Source: www.canada.com

Not the actual guy. Source: http://www.canada.com


This all went down while I was reading a blog post titled “Oh, Chivalry, Where art thou?”

True story.

18 thoughts on “Jackpot! Piss time!

  1. This reminds me of living in Willows, Ca right next to the park. The Cops were having a softball match and one of the off duty officers slightly stumbled his way to the front of his pickup, and let the stream flow not realizing two houses were looking right in his direction just 15 to 20 feet away. Pick your battles is right!

  2. Omf!! My face hurts from laughing.. 😂😂
    People used to take a piss on the back of my garage. Honestly was it any worse than deer piss or the unholy stink of bear shit (in my case)? Nah.. 😁

      • The struggle is so real… LOL!! Wild Turkey shit HAS to be the worst. Then again… Humans can stink just as badly which yup I’ve had that happen in my backyard too. $%&*! Maybe we ARE rednecks up here.

      • I did get your email (thank you). I’m so sorry I haven’t made the time to reply. ☺️
        I think I’d take bear,turkey and deer smells over drunken frat boy or bum piss!

      • No worries re email! ☺Didn’t mean to yap your ear off lol!
        Man piss might be tolerable. But man crap…yes I’d say you are quite correct. Ha! 😄

  3. That is the best thing about being a man … the world is our urinal. But you choose wisely in trying to sneak a peak at wiener. Well done you.

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