No Chocolate Soup For Me

Landing on your head is dumb, so on a fine March day in 1980, I stood my ground as my Mother began birthing me. My head was pointed towards true north and I refused to turn around. I defiantly balked the status quo and proclaimed to the doctor, “if you want me out of here, you’ll have to cut me out”. Cut me out, he did.

I was born a “bossy pants” and was outfitted in a prim little white gown with pink rosebuds that my mother had literally seen in a dream. Much to her disillusion, that would be one of the last times she’d be allowed to pick out my clothes.

On my third birthday, Grandma Joyce gifted me with the sweetest little lavender dress set that included: gloves, tights, and panties. There were ruffles as far as the eye could see, but the panties were the ruffle-iest part! As my mother dressed me, a critical issue arose when it was discovered that the panty ruffles were only attached to the backside. I wanted to see the ruffles whenever I wanted, so I proposed demanded a solution. I would simply wear the panties backwards. Sure, a little comfort was sacrificed, but I got to see those ruffles whenever I had to wee-wee. I wore those backwards panties until my growing little body stretched them beyond recognition.

Enter Chocolate Soup:

Grade school was nigh, and my mother had grand plans for how she’d present her little princess. Chocolate Soup was a high-end children’s clothing store at the time, and everybody who was anybody, adorned their children in their precious attire. They offered preppy seer-sucker dresses with cutesie, embroidered sail-boats or butterflies, but even at age 5, I knew these ensembles weren’t for me. I just knew I’d never be a Summer Spain (actual name of an elementary school classmate) who always had perfect bows tied into her perfect hair, to match her Chocolate Soup dresses. Chocolate Soup made a lot of money off my mother but I refused to wear any of the purchased garments. Not only did I find them boring, but I was pretty sure their overt adorable-ness would damage my street cred. My suburban, white bread, street cred.


Just when I needed her, Punky Brewster arrived on the scene. Punky was a fictional t.v. character, with wild rainbow style. She wore what she wanted and it almost never matched. The girl just “got me” and she spoke to my fashion sensibilities.


Even rapper, LL Cool J has been biting Punky's style.

Even rapper, LL Cool J has been biting Punky’s style.

As much as it must have pained my mother, she allowed me to make my own fashion choices when she took me shopping. Sure there were moments when I’d catch her staring longingly at a preppy dress or hair bows, but she embraced my compulsion for self-expression a la Punky. I’m sure she cringed when I mixed polka dot and plaid (a cardinal sin in her fashion rules book) but she mostly bit her tongue. I often paired one red ked’s sneaker with a blue one. I crimped my hair when the other girls had buttoned-up french braids. I was just about as punk as a k-5 kid could legally be.

Now I’m a wildly successful fashion designer. Now, at 35, my shoes match, but I never grew out of my love for fashion. I don’t care about brands, but I love that I get to be a human canvas, who can reinvent myself each day, after my morning shower.

The possibilities are endless, but Chocolate Soup is off the menu.

This post was inspired by Paola.

Your thoughts?

26 thoughts on “No Chocolate Soup For Me

  1. Some people think fashion is shallow but I think it’s the ultimate in self expression and this is all hitting home right now due to something going on in my life (long story).
    On a slightly related note, my sister and I always got teased at school for dressing differently and liking rock. My sister always wore two different colored socks so the kids would call her Punky Brewster. They thought they were insulting her. They also thought they were insulting us by calling us Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

    • I hope everything’s ok, Marissa.
      I do remember you mentioning that you and your sister received flack in school for how you dressed. My post got a little off topic (they always do) but I did intend to end it with a question for mothers. Does the way your kids dress every embarrass you?

      • Not really. I still pick out my daughter’s clothing for the most part but when she chooses an outfit she’ll run it by me for approval. Sometimes it doesn’t match and I’ll tell her so and make her take something else out. My son usually wears a rock shirt and jeans or surf shorts so the potential there is that he might put on something without ironing it. That’s really the closest it gets. They both dress a bit more outrageously if they are performing but I support that.

      • If I ever have a son, I can imagine karma having some fun with me by way of Alex. P Keaton (family ties) reincarnate. I’ll have to bite my tongue as he picks out bow ties and penny loafers!

  2. Wow Kim! Thank you 🙂
    I thought of you and I took a picture of my daughter ready to go to school (I’ll post it soon). For the first time in my life I was GLAD that it was raining and cold so I could convince her to change part of her (I’m not sure how to call it). 🙂
    My sister was like you. My mom stopped trying at age 4. I was the easy girl, she could decide whatever she wanted for me, I couldn’t care less. I was a tomboy with dresses and bows for some time. I left the dresses and bows until my daughter demanded I HAD to wear nice clothes, tiara and make up. I guess I’m 35 years late 😀

    • I so identify with your daughter! I did the same thing with my mom (picking out pretty clothes for her and insisting she wear them). If it helps, I only did it because I thought she was so pretty, and I just wanted her to shine. I’m sure your daughter is coming from the same place. She just wants to show you off!

      • Thank you Kim!! You made me smile! 🙂 ❤
        I only allow her to decide when it's "dress's day" because it's safe 🙂
        Anyway, last Christmas I had to wear a summer dress with a sweater underneath 😀

  3. Haha!! LOVED this!!!

    Annnnndddd had to come find you Kim to tell you that I found the 100ml bottles of True Love on sale for $8.99! (So I’m kinda broke ass atm but even regular price they are only $15.99.) I’ve bought them there before & smelled the same as the one back in the day. SO, as soon as I’m not broke ass I’ll nab you a bottle or two & you can private message me a mailing addy if you feel comfortable. Don’t worry about the cost as us ole school “TRUE Lover’s” gotta stick together lol! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • I honestly don’t mind. I plan to buy every bottle that they have as it’s too good of a price to pass up. My email is sassafrass766@gmail if you feel comfortable me mailing you some. I’d rather send you some True Love than run a giveaway on my blog. Point being it’s normal for me to give & or send stuff..

      • Awe good!!😀
        Mission True Love is a go!
        As soon as possible (end of Sept hopefully) I’ll be heading to the grocery store to buy up what I can!
        Ppl who do a lot of bblogging are always running giveaways as a thx & to gain blog exposure. Nothing wrong with that but it’s not me. The only way I’d ever run a blog giveaway is if it didn’t include the whole “have to reblog” for exposure. I am just as thankful for anyone who reads my shit but prefer to send stuffs just because or to specific people whom I know love/like this or that. I find that ten times more exciting than doing the whole giveaway blog nonsense.. A rebel to the core lol!!
        So hit my email when it suits you and I’ll get my arse in gear! ❤

      • Email sent!
        The way you feel about giveaways is exactly how I feel about blog “awards”. I like the challenges and the q&a but I hate the “look at me” aspect of it. Just not my thing.
        Will you kindly send me your shipping address as well? Just in case!

      • Happy Friday Kim!
        I see your email is in my inbox. Haven’t had time to open it but will soon! 🙂
        Re Blog awards I hear you. It’s super kind of ppl to pass them on but they are just..exactly as you said. Too much “look at me” or something.. It’s uncomfortable.
        Oh, and you were one of the blogs I enjoy reading that wasn’t showing up in my reader so since cutting back on the blog amounts as WP told me to do, you are now showing up in my reader. Yes!! ;D
        (I’ll give you my address. Also plan to give you my personal email in my blog addy I gave you.)

  4. I still wear t-shirts that most teenagers would deem too childish for them. And at work, where I have to wear a shirt and tie, I make damn sure I wear shirts that need cufflinks because I have an insane collection of interesting cufflinks. We’ve got to find our originality any way we can. You clocked on to this at an early age, Kim.

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