If This Is What 40 Looks Like: Sign Me Up

Maybe I’m biased but I believe that I have the most beautiful sister in the world. She’s turning 40 on Saturday, but to me she will always be the 19 year old big sister who let me ride along in her “sweet” red Fiero. She might have turned her head as a few wine coolers passed my lips, but she was ever vigilant, ever protective, always the Big Sister.

Grape-stomping Laura

Grape-stomping Laura

There’s no denying my sister’s outer beauty. She’s simply gorgeous but her heart is even prettier than what her outer beauty conveys. She is my best friend and confidant. When I think about how much I love my sister (sissy) my heart truly swells.

My sister is my other half. She’s my kindred spirit. We’re separated by nearly 1,400 miles but we’re still very much connected. I can’t explain it, but I just know when she’s feeling blue. I feel her sadness in my core, and I know that she feels mine.

There is nobody in the world who can bring me to hysterical-laughter like my sister. It’s a laughter that is oh- so-painful but so rewarding.

Our laugh is the same. Our voices sound identical. Nobody gets the joke besides us. That’s ok.

Laura and I came from “riches to rags” beginnings. We knew affluence until the bubble burst. After that, it was cheap motel rooms and 99 cent taco meals. Higher education was just a pipe dream.

Laura is turning 40, and her first-born is going to college. Christian is going to College!

My lovely sister has struggled as a single mother of three. She has fought tooth and nail to give her kids the best life possible. She is beautiful and she’s my hero.


Two tired cowgirls.

Laura, there’s nobody I know who better deserves a nap like this.

Happy 40th to my biggest supporter/ partner in crime/ BFF.

I just love you to pieces.


13 thoughts on “If This Is What 40 Looks Like: Sign Me Up

  1. She’s very pretty. Hope she has a very happy 40th year of life.


    I remember turning 40. it was four years ago. I was just a wee lad back then.

    So many memories as I have grown into the pathetic man I am now. 😀

    • Thanks, Rob! I forgot to ask her about the wine but when we were kids, Laura was a major jock and had the smelliest feet! Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be sampling it. 😉

  2. Aww..Kim Happy 40th to your wonderful sister. The bond between sisters is so so so special. I have two and I can relate to every single line in your post. Loved it and honestly it caught at my throat

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